My name is Tony Ganchev [IPA: ‘toni ‘gantʃɛv] and I’ve been antagonizing people for the past thirty years from my base of operations in Sofia, Bulgaria. The last ten years have been particularly fruitful with me roaming the Bulgarian IT underworld. My current gig is with VMware (don’t forget to check out the blog’s terms and conditions) as  a an architect for vSphere UI extensibility in addition to being a full-stack developer, mainly in Java.

In addition to my daily work I am interested in all things related to software architecture not only in enterprise and cloud software but also in system- and game development, language and compiler design. At some point I definitely need to do some light blogging on the topic of Pupi – my toy OS which I’ve nurtured ever since it was a little Hello world-printing boot sector program).

But I don’t plan to only blog on professional topics as it tends to get boring – both for me and, I’d expect – for any potential reader.

Losing most of my awake hours in front of the computer screen I also enjoy the simple pleasures of reading, watching films or my beloved Levski losing and listening to tons of music. Being a pathological thrash and crossover enthusiast I also tend to enjoy all things Jamaican and any electronic music that provokes hip swings. So expect some primo musical knowledge dropped from to time to time.

Trying to stay healthy and sweat all the KFC I consume I also took up biking but don’t expect me to blow my whistle too often. What I’d like to indulge in more often, on the other hand, are stories about my trips to exotic destinations. I have promised myself to work harder in this direction from now on. September 2014 proved to be a great start with a trip to Peru.

Just when I thought that the blog will turn out to be too unfocused I remembered some other hobbies that I try to have such as playing the guitar, music production, cooking, painting, calligraphy, airplane modeling and furnishing my apartment so that it accommodates all of these lunacies.

Not sure if this is the right format for an about-me page. Let me put an end to it by summarizing the three high forces rotating the planet:

  • Levski
  • Megadeth
  • C++

Turns out I am a far-right social libertarian…
Right: 10, Libertarian: 8.13

Political Spectrum Quiz

If this has still not turned you off you can contact me on linkedin.


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