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Accessing vSphere SOAP APIs from C++

Thanks to some projects I am doing at work these days I got to play with my original love: C++. More specifically I’m catching up with how to properly write C++ application servers and micro-services in 2018. Part of the the toy project I’m playing with needs to talk to a vCenter server via it’s trusted old SOAP SDK. There is no standard vSphere Web Service client library for C++ so I figured I’ll build the necessary bindings myself using gSOAP. There are a number of articles around the Web and on the VMware community forums but I had issues trying any of these out – either because of my lack knowledge on how to troubleshoot the different issues or because the articles were relying on a different version of gSOAP.

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Fedora on Workstation Pt.1: an Introduction

For the past six months I’ve been trying to switch my development to Linux.
There were two reasons: needing to be able to do all build steps of our products requires a *nix environment; executives want us to start using Macs so they don’t have the problem of Windows users breaking Mac users and vice versa (yeah, unfortunately we live in an age where Mac users are actually taken seriously). That’s how I ended up with the middle-of the road approach of switching to Linux at least for development. Given that I’m mainly a Windows guy and a lot of the software I need to use on a daily basis doesn’t have a Linux counterpart (Office, Visio) and there is no company-wide IT support for Linux, there were but two solutions: a dev VM running on VMware vSphere in the data center or a dev VM running on Workstation on my … workstation. There are pros and cons to both.

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