Third Patent Filed!

Last week was all about good news. After a successful trip to Vegas to participate in VMworld 2018 the week before – for which I need to do a separate post – I also got news that a long awaited glass cube was finally delivered. Some context is in order: VMware gives a glass prize to every engineer that is on the inventors list of a patent application. The prize features patent and inventor name and filing date and come in variety of colors. This time mine is bright green and was cleverly – or unintentionally – coordinated with the prizes of the rest of the inventors to form an RGB pixel:

The patent bears the humble title Sandboxing of Software Plugins. It covers a feature we developed for the vSphere Client (HTML5 version) that allows multiple plugins each consisting of multiple OSGi bundles including third-party libraries to deploy without any OSGi conflicts within the same vSphere Client application server.

The patent would not be possible without Plam Dimitrov and Vladimir Velikov – the two other inventors as well as the guys that led the implementation. Their happy mugs can be seen below:

Photo courtesy of Petar Ivanov.

I will get a more detailed post about the patent once I see the patent filing indexed once I see the filing is publicly visible.

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